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Lake Kenyir is the largest manmade lake in Southeast Asia, contains 38,000 hectares of water which is part of the Hydro-Electric Power Plant completed in 1985 situated in Terengganu. One need not wonder why one of the resort's name is called "Hundred Islands Lake Resort" The place is filled with a huge body of water surrounded by 340 islands. The accomodation found over here are houseboats, floating chalets and lakeside resorts.

The lake covers 369 sq km and is surrounded by lush tropical jungle and contains at least 14 waterfalls. This place is ideal for nature lovers, anglers, adventure seekers as well as urban dwellers seeking a place to toughen their physiques. You can fish, jungle trek, wild-life watching (not too much from our experience though elephants were supposed to dwell in this place), canoeing, visit waterfalls and swim with nature!

Dead trees in Lake Kenyir, pictures courtesy from Claus of Denmark *

This place is named "Angler's Haven" not without any reasons. The lake comprises a wide variety of fresh water fish such as Baung, the carnivorous Toman, Kelisa and Lampam. A speed boat can be hired to pump up your adrenaline if you find that fishing from the lakeside is not exciting enough. However, note that a permit is needed if you were to fish in the National Park (Taman Negara).

One of the most popular waterfalls is the Lasir Waterfall near Uncle John's resort. It can be easily reached using canoes right up to the end of the cascading waterfalls. The sight of water gushing and the sounds of rushing water is nice if you were to place yourself at the perfect spot in harmony with nature's flow = a nice massage, how about that?

* Find out more about Claus, he's an ardent traveller and had extensive travel experiences penned in English as well as Danish, vivid writeup and nice pictures >> - Homepage -


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