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Pulau Lang Tengah

- contributed by Vincent Lee-

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Ever dream of swimming in your very own underwater aquarium? You can now! With just a visit to Pulau Lang Tengah!

This island has been called one of Malaysia's best kept secrets, and it is not hard to imagine why. Upon arrival, you will be amazed at how blue the waters are here. And even before disembarking from the boat, my fellow passengers were already exclaiming that they saw a baby shark from the boat! Talk about a great indication of the visibility here!

About Pulau Lang Tengah

The island is uniquely situated in between Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian. "Middle Eagle Island" is its loose translation in English. The island gets its name from its shape, which resembles an eagle in flight when seen from a distance.

Local newspapers have reported that the coral reefs here are one of the oldest in the world, and with that, one can expect a wide variety of marine life near the island.

Resorts to chill

There are two resorts in P. Lang Tengah - Blue Coral Resort and Square Point Resort.

Blue Coral Resort

The Blue Coral Resort first opened its doors in July 1994, and is open from 15 Feb - 15 Nov every year. Peak season is between Apr to mid-September.

The Blue Coral Resort offers three different rooms, all "twin-sharing" concept. There are 55 rooms in total. The rooms here are:
· Standard Rooms (12 rooms)
· Superior Rooms (32 rooms)
· Deluxe Rooms (8 with Garden view , 3 with Sea view)

Deluxe Room in Blue Coral!

All rooms are air-conditioned, with bath tub and attached shower. Hot water for showering is available through solar heaters. Drinking water here has been graded by the Malaysian Dept of Health as Class A and is definitely suitable for drinking.

For the not so budget conscious, I would strongly recommend the Deluxe Rooms. Deluxe rooms can fit up to 4 people, and comes with bathrobes and (ahem) two King Koil pillows per bed! All this for just RM5 more per night compared to the Superior rooms!

One down side is that the Deluxe rooms are quite limited, so do remember to book early to avoid disappointment!

The clientele here seems to comprise of mostly locals, Japanese tourists and Caucasians. The atmosphere at Blue Coral is one of peaceful tranquility, the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, or a perfect romantic getaway.


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