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Berjaya Redang

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The trip to Berjaya started off from the jetty near the town. The boat is able to dock near the town due to the catamaran style boat which Berjaya uses to ferry their customers. The boat goes through a stretch along the mouth of the river to head towards Redang. However, for visitors going to other resorts, they will have to board the van/buses about 30-45 minutes prior to reaching the other jetty, visitors coming by planes will be picked up at the airport. The boat trip is a rather long journey of 1.5-2hrs. However, it's only Berjaya that allows one to hit a home run if they want to catch the morning coach back to Singapore.

Another resort that does morning departure to enable their customers to catch the first coach at 11:00am is Redang Bay Resort. However, from my understanding, only if the group of people is big, say around 8 people, will the resort call for a boat to return to mainland as everyone knows, petrol is never cheap.

Pontoon bridge along Berjaya Beach resort private beach

Upon arrival at Berjaya, we alighted at a jetty with a mini bus awaiting us. As the number of people visiting Berjaya were many that day, we had to wait for quite a while before our turn arrives. Berjaya Redang is a lovely place with a private beach to itself. The sand are as white and soft as those found along Pasir Panjang beach. There is a blue stretch of pontoon that stretches out to the sea. This is meant as a jetty for boats that could not get near the shore. Towards the end of the pontoon, one could see different kind of fishes. At times, if you are lucky, you could see the schools of squids darting in the crystal clear water like torpedoes. Initially, I was thinking it was some kind of deformed fish, upon closing in, I realized that the squids were in a resting position and "vanished" upon sensing my presence.


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