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Redang FAQ's

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Question : Is the place safe for girls only group?

Answer : The place is safe for people of all ages and sexes, there's even a Marine Police post nearby the island.

Question : How do I call a hotel from overseas?

Answer : The following is the number for Pan Pacific KLIA ( Kuala Lumpur International Airport ) (60-3) 8787 3333

Note that

60 is the international code for Malaysia, 3 is the state code for Kuala Lumpur (KL).

However, if you're in KL, then you'll have to dial a 03 followed by the number behind. Simply add a 0 in front of the 3.

If you're calling overseas, dial (60-3) 8787 3333

If you're calling from KL to the hotel, dial 03 8787 3333, this is a standard procedure where ever you are. This procedure is a standard and normally for countries which are huge.

Note that there are 8 numbers for the hotel number : 8787 3333

Do not be alarmed although the residential and commercial numbers contain only 7 numbers. The phone number is correct, this could be done such that in future more phone numbers can be generated.

Sharks alert! It's real..look at the ray of light through the water!
More pictures can be viewed via the gallery link above

Question : If I am flying to Kuala Terengganu Airport, what time will the boat leave for Pualu Redang ?

Answer : The boat leaves at 9:30 am, 1:00pm and 6:00pm. These are the approximate timings only.

Question : Can I buy the transfer tickets to Kuala Terenggau from KLIA since the local flights could not be purchase overseas?

Answer : Well, the agency could do a booking for you and what you have to do is upon reaching KLIA, inform the MH ( Malaysia Airlines) counter about your reference number which will be given to you. Collect the tickets 1 hour before departure and voila!, you're on the way to paradise!

Question : If I am arriving from United States, I'm aware that there are two airports, one domestic and one international, should I take the plane from the domestic airport since it's a domestic flight?

Answer : You can take the plane from the International airport although it's a domestic flight. This is a better choice as it's less crowded to go to Terengganu and the Malaysians themselves would be using the domestic airport since the domestic airport is nearer to the city itself.

Question : What does full board package means?

Answer : It means that all the lodging, meals, transport inclusive land and sea transfers to Pulau Redang is covered for Redang Bay ONLY as well as other resorts. Depending on which resort you're staying in, the fullboard package may vary. Some resorts charge additional for peak season charges, boat transfers and some for land transports.



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