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Redang FAQ's

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Question : What's the usefulness of "Traveltips" provided on your navigation?

Answer : Apart from the currency exchange, the holidays serves as an indicator that you should avoid going if possible. Especially during the school holidays, the people could be more than the fishes, believe it or not! There's always the monsoon in the later part of the year, so with some compromise and calculations, you're on the way to a perfect escapade away from civilisation.

It's an accumulation of experiences from trips made so that everyone can benefit from it

Question : Where can I see the leatherback turtles?

Answer : At Redang Island, it's possible to see the green back turtles. But for the leatherbacks, you'll have to goto Rantau Abang Turtle Sanctuary where the turtles ascend to the shore at nite. Hence the trip will leave Terengganu to Rantau Abang at 8pm which is approximately 60 Km from Kuala Terengganu and back by 1am. However, this turtle laying egg season is only from June to September only. So do your planning well if you intend to see these wonderful endangered creatures.

A Rantau Abang, getting extinct due to poaching of their eggs and last time we went, there were no turtle landings at all

Question : Is the place safe from Malaria or Cholera as I'm bringing my baby there, does he need an injection or whatever ?

Answer : I don't recall having a mosquito bite during all my stay in Redang. And the way the food's prepared are very hygienic, no complaints of stomach upset whatsoever. For the water source, either it is from the mountain nearby or transported to the island by the boats daily. Cleanliness of the resort, tip top! so don't ever worry about getting diseases over there, just make sure you dun bring any over!

Well, to be on the safe side, vaccinations can mean the difference between manageable and miserable right?

This general health guide gets you more prepared before going to Malaysia and any other countries.

The many fishes that thrives in Redang

Question : Since I'm taking the 8:30 pm coach back, I'm aware that I can leave the resort in the morning, can I leave at 2:00pm instead ?

Answer : By all means, maximize your enjoyment over there. Catch the boat for the morning snorkeling trip, come back, relax and take a good last look at the beautiful beach, have a good bath followed by lunch and be on the way back to civilisation !

Question : Are the food Halal ?

Answer : The food is 100% Halal as 80% of the staff are Muslim.

Question : Is it possible to go for diving if I were to take the fullboard package in exchange of snorkeling instead ?

Answer : This is flexible, you can choose to go for a mixture of snorkeling as well as diving though ONLY snorkeling is included in your package. This was a concern raised when one of my clients cited that his diving skills are rusty and need some practice. Dive boats will be provided and per dive, you only pay RM50.00 which includes tank,weight and a dive master.

Question : Is there any phone available incase there's any emergency call is needed?

Answer : Yes, phones are available at the resort for you to make any calls.

Word of caution to divers : I've received news of divers upon surfacing to the top, they were hit by power boats. This incident(s) should make you more alert, next time before you surface, it pays to survey the surroundings more thoroughly.


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