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Quick Tips - Car Rental & Others

o Always read your Car Rental Agreement carefully, in particular: - Know your Minimum Liability (you will be charged the minimum liability even when damages are insignificant)

o Visa card is a good alternative as a deposit for the car rental than using cash

o Check the Car Insurance coverage (advisable to purchase additional car insurance especially when travelling overseas)

o Know your liabilities for Fine and Penalty for traffic violation especially when you enter residential zone from highway

o Check the petrol level and rental charges

o Check the Car Return Date, Time & the late charges

o Do not sign the agreement if you do not agree with any of the Terms & Conditions stipulated

o Always keep a copy of the signed agreement to avoid amendments by the merchant

o To get a written confirmation for any refund agreed by the merchant / using a credit card will save you this problem as you can dispute later.

o Always protect yourself against any possible disputes. Think carefully before you sign as such agreement is legally binding

o For long driving trip, you may want to check the tyres and brakes. The automatic transmission fluids and engine oil are at the recommended levels.

o When negotiationg hilly areas, slow down using engine brakes by using lower gear. This in turn reduce the stress on the brakes as well. An incident which I experienced was a turning between two hills with the sun shining towards the turn. I had everything prepared :sunglasses, sunshield down and anticipated the bright sunlight. I negotiated the turn at a reasonable speed and nearly lost control of my car as I was blinded by the sunlight.

o It was found through a study that driving at 90 km/h is the most efficient = number of kilometres travelled per litre of petrol used. Factors taken into consideration includes the optimal spinning of the engine around 2000 rpm, aerodynamic drag etc.