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Business Travel Tips - For New Travellers!

A personal experience..(please note that if you would like to share with everybody what we have missed out, do drop us a mail and we would love to add in your comments!)

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Voltage Differences

Always check out for the voltage used over the countries you are visiting. Either purchase a step up/down adaptor with multiplugs for your devices if they do not come with multi-voltage adaptors which most notebooks do come with or ensure all your devices have voltage that varies from 100-240V like the laptop adaptor.


If you were to travel overseas with your laptop, always check that you have a ISP that allows you to connect to the overseas ISP. One of most commonly used "autoroaming" software is IPASS (http://www.ipass.com). IPASS charges SGD.25 per minute of access. So depending on how your hotel charge if they have broadband access, long time usage on your laptop may make economical sense to use the hotel services. IPASS allows one to connect via the net when one is overseas either via the phoneline, broadband or mobile phone <-- for this feature to be successful, do check with your phone operator that data transfer is activated apart from the normal voice data for mobile phone else a connection can never be established.

Same time, you'll need to download the drivers for your infrared modem handphone so that the laptop infrad red can "talk" with the handphone. This will have to download from your respective handphone sites. For a Nokia 8210, you can download the drivers here

Supported platforms for IPASS are Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and Palm OS® and Windows CE and the following languages:

English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, French and Spanish.

Another widely used autoroaming software GIRC , the link allows you to check on which cities are covered under their umbrella. For instance, my friend who wants to goto Ji Nan, China, is not covered by IPASS but it's covered by GIRC. So depending on where you are going, it's good to give the two softwares a check!

If you have problems accessing the internet from your room, which is good if you place a check with the hotel in advance, pay a visit to this informative site at http://kropla.com/phones.htm. It should solve most of your potential problems.

Travellers Plugs - What to Watch Out

Make sure that you bring the right connectors when you are overseas. There was a problem when I was in Germany for a business trip, the overseas adaptor which I purchased off the shelf has a big square face. Upon arrival, I realised that the big square face multi plug adaptor was obstructing the plug from connecting with the round plug in Germany, hence the multi plug was useless!


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