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Packlight - Tips for Business Travellers

- Contributed by Jenny Kong -

FOR the infrequent traveller, packing for business trips can be a hassle and a headache.

"What to bring" and "how to pack" are common questions. The advice seasoned travellers would offer is to pack lightly.

Although it is tempting to pack for every situation by stuffing the entire contents of your wardrobe into your suitcase, it is hardly smart. Travel website travelocity.com has tips for a lighter baggage.

o Choose basic outfits that will go with just a few accessories. Dripdry, wrinklefree fabrics are ideal. Choose clothes that will allow for easy mix and match, so that you can get several looks out of just a few pieces.

o Purchase all your toiletries in travel or trial sizes. If possible, buy your toiletries when you arrive at your destination, then discard the empty containers before you return home.

o Leave your valuables at home. Forget about frivolous, expensive jewellery, handphones with no auto roaming and unnecessary credit cards.

o After choosing the items for the trip, it helps to know how to pack them properly to minimise wrinkles and damage. Bulky luggage can become a hazard and it pays to avoid it.

o Start by placing the heavy or bulky items on the bottom of the suitcase, including shoes, alarm clock, hair dryer, and travel iron.

o Protect fragile items by putting them inside socks or other thick clothing and placing them in the centre of the case.

o To keep clothing wrinklefree, place all articles inside plastic bags or wrap them in tissue paper. Rolling your clothes into cylinders, instead of folding them, can also help.

o Extra plastic bags come in handy when transporting wet bathing suits and soiled clothes.

o A needle and thread, a compact umbrella, and extra hangers can also be useful.