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Quick Check

These are the items you would like to note before embarking a trip:

o The political situation of your destination. I have a friend who went to a country in Middle East and was happy to see some men carrying rifles as she felt it is a sign of safety. Later on, she realized that there was some kind of war going on! Thankfully, with the internet so advanced nowadays, we can always do a check on their daily online newspaper.

o When the price of the destination is cheaper than usual, it may indicate that the weather may not be good for travellers. Check when is the best time to go.

o Check on the voltage, whether it's a 110V or a 220V and the kind of wall socket they use, whether it's a 2 - round pin, 3 straight pin etc. Some of these sockets come with a depression, make sure your adaptor can handle that.

o Check if visas are required, it'd be good to apply for visas to nearby neighboring countries other than your destination just in case you decide to make a detour.

o If you intend to go for shopping, check out their operating hours.

o Check if traveller's cheques are accepted, this is a good substitute for cash.