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Things to bring to a Beach Resort

Passport, please bring international passport, i've got a friend who brought the old Sing-M'sia passport and was asked to go back, it's no more valid : )

Cap, a shield from the super scorching sun

Would suggest sandals for the trip, more relax and cooling.

Sunglasses/shades to shield from the sun

Suntan lotion - need lots of this, higher SPF the better especially those with sensitive skin

Surfing shoes

Insect Repellent (Depending on where you go, tried using it for a trip to the fire flies in Terengganu, the mosquitoes just bite us as if there's no repellent at all!)

Goggles and snorkel, if you are prescribed with lenses, I would encourage that you go for a powered lenses goggles. Some people told me it is ok to wear contact lenses. However, feedback I have gotten was that during snorkeling, there is a high chance that the waves may just wash off your lenses and there goes the fishes.

Digital cam with spare flash media

rechargeable batteries and charger with spare batteries

toothpaste, shampoo, towels, toothbrush, disposable undies and clothing

Visa cards (if possible 2 in case one screwed up) and callback card, some local currency

Medication for diarrhea and minor cuts

And lastly, dun forget to call Ministry of Defence for Singaporean guys..

Phone MINDEF through an integrated voice response system at (65)
1800-364-6333 no more 2747777

Mindef Notification Website : Click Here


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