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TravelTips Part I - Prevention is better than Cure

An extract from the Straits Times...

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While more travellers are vaccinated, many are still coming home with diseases such as malaria, Hepatitis A. The Travellers' Health and Vaccination Centre at Tan Tock Seng Hospital was visited by more than 18,000 people last year and it administered more than 27,800 vaccinations.

Most of them were for flu, Hepatitis A, typhoid fever and meningitis.

At Changi General Hospital's Medical Centre for International Travellers, the most commonly-given vaccinations are for meningitis, flu, cholera and typhoid.

Despite all the jabs against nasty diseases, said doctors there, the most common illness encountered by Singapore's holiday-makers was diarrhoea.

Doctors advise travellers to drink boiled or bottled water, and to avoid uncooked and cold food, ice cubes, ice cream, food from vendors and unpasteurised milk in places with poor sanitation.

SAFE PASSAGE: Medical essentials for that trip

BESIDES vaccinations, doctors recommend that holiday-makers take a kit of medical essentials with them.

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